New to Headbands of Hope?

You've probably seen our famous glitter headbands, but did you know our small company gives back big time??

For every item sold, one item is donated to a child with an illness. We work with hospitals and organizations giving back to children battling cancer, autism, down syndrom, depression, and much more. We wanna give them a reason to smile.

We give headbands, and other hair accessories each quarter in bulk to children's hospitals of your choice. Sign up today, so you can make a difference!


Reasons to choose Headbands of Hope for all your Hair Accessory Needs:

  • We offer incredible margins
  • We ship withing 2-3 days, and often day-of order
  • We send free signage & offer free display programs
  • We have high quality products made to last
  • We offer No-Headache-Headbands that are extremly flexible, cushioned, and kid friendly
  • We label all products with our mission to spread hope & give back
  • We let you choose where donations go & create graphics for you to share about where you give back


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